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Other products

As a complement to our main products, we also market a number of related products.

For smooth pallet handling, we offer automated pallet magazines from Palomat. The products are available in many different designs.

If you want a dust-free product, we offer the entire Kelva web cleaner program where you’ll find contact path cleaners, non-contact webs and filter units.

For pumping liquids such as inks, solvents or similar we market Kelva’s various air-driven pumps. Kelva has long and solid experience of membrane pumps with top quality.

If static electricity is a problem in your production, we supply the appropriate variant from Kelvas and Fraser’s ionization equipment palette. In addition, we can also provide you with spare parts for most of Megteg Systems AMAL AB’s roller changers and rollers.

Pallet magazine

Do you need to automate your pallet handling for more efficient work processes?
Do you want more space in the warehouse for other things than pallets?
Are you tired of back pain and pinched fingers?

Then a pallet magazine from Palomat is just right for you.

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Web cleaning

If you have a dust problem or if you simply want to deliver the highest possible quality of your rolled material, we offer Kelva’s wide range of well-reputed web cleaning solutions.

We provideboth contact web and non Contact web cleaning, and we also have a wide range of filter units.

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Banrenare från märket Kelva


This air-driven pump type is used to pump liquids. For example. inks, solvents and various emulsions. The pump type requires no electricity and is used with advantage in potentially explosive atmospheres. The design of the pumps also allows pumping of aggressive liquids.

Kelva launched its first diaphragm pump 1972 and since then developed and marketed it for customers all over the world.

We market Kelva’s pumps in Sweden and Norway.

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Antistatic equipment

Static electricity is often a problem when rolling different materials. We offer everything from simple carbon brushes to advanced active ionization units.

The active units function by ionizing the air, i.e. break up the air in positive and negative ions. These ions then neutralize the static electricity of the material by attracting the corresponding polarity.

Call us for more information about antistatic equipment

Spare parts AMAL

Do you have old core changers or rewinders from Megtec Systems AMAL AB, we can supply you most often with spare parts. We can also recommend suitable service companies.

Provide us with item number, machine number and type, so we can look for suitable spare parts.