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Pallet flipper / pallet turner

Managing pallets that are stacked on top of each other, back to back and belly to belly, is normally a major challenge. Normally, they can only be handled manually with a high risk of back injuries and also large costs for damaged pallets. With our smart pallet flipper, this task is easily solved.

Our pallet turner is fully adapted to our smart manipulator Liongrip and can handle most wooden pallets. With ease you can destack pallets lying upside down or in normal position. It is just as easy to build stacks with every other pallet laying upside down.

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In order to easily reach pallets high up on a stack, part of the height stroke is integrated into the pallet turner, which gives a more ergonomic handling.

The pallet flipper securely grabs an upside down pallet by clamping tightly around the middle wooden blocks. A rightly turned pallet that should not be turned is handled easily without clamping the wooden blocks. The pallet can simply rest on the forks. The movement of the forks is completely symmetrical.

The pallet turner is built for pallets up to 40kg. The size that can be handled depends on the weight of the pallet.