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Core shafts
innovation through tradition

We invented the original core shaft in the fifties and have fostered this legacy since. Together with our customers we create unique solutions, so that they are able to grow and become leaders within their respective fields.
Leading the development forward is our main driving force.

Through a helicopter view we analyze the customers process.
When others say “we think out of the box”, we simply ask: what box?
With our solutions, the customer enjoys increased productivity and margins.

Our shafts are more durable and perform better because we always think one step ahead.
Through careful calculations and through choice of materials, we optimize our products for each
unique application. We put great effort into finding the best solution for your specific process.

Our staff is our most valuable asset. The accumulated experience in the field of core shafts
and chucks stretches well over a century. Experience means safety. Rethinking puts us ahead.
This combination makes us a partner to grow together with.
Our knowledge – your success

Download our questionnaire for Core Shafts & Chucks and e-mail to info@hofpartner.se

Think BIG

In our workshop we are able to manufacture core shafts up to 7 meters length and 600 mm in diameter.

AMAL-SHAFT® – air expanding shafts

As early as in the fifties we invented AMAL-SHAFT® here in Åmål. We have fostered our legacy since and constantly developed our expanding shafts.

The AMAL-SHAFT® trademark is known for its core shafts of the highest quality, with a durability out of the ordinary. We use only top-notch components in our products.

Read more about AMAL-SHAFT® and see which version fits your needs best.

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Schlumpf – Core shafts

Since 2015 we manufacture, develop and market Schlumpf’s noble core shafts. We cooperate closely with Schlumpf Scandinavia regarding sales and marketing so you will see us together sometimes at fairs.

If you prefer a central tube or are in need of the highest possible strength, we can offer Schlumpf’s complete line of core shafts.

Read more about our Schlumpf’s shafts.

Mechanical shafts

When the best of the best is needed. When your need is optimal centering in combination with high strength and safety, we can offer the market’s best mechanical core shafts.

These shafts are designed and manufactured under license of Schlumpf Scandinavia AB with, of course, the same precision and quality as its Swiss predecessor.

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