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Diaphragm pumps

We market Kelva’s full range of air driven diaphragm pumps together with their LV level control unit. Membrane pumps are widely used in industry to pump everything from aggressive liquids to viscous emulsions.

The pumps have the advantage that they are fully air driven and no electric motors are required. This means that our pumps are ATEX approved and can be used in areas with explosion hazard.

Read more about Kelva’s different variants below.

All Kelva air driven diaphragm
pumps are ATEX-approved.

LF – diaphragm pump

  • Fully air driven
  • Less pulsation (-70%)
  • Lower air consumption (-30-50%)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer diaphragm lifetime – less downtime
  • Built-in sound muffler

Kelva LF Pump has a revolutionising air valve design and central flow technique. It has com­pact design and has total flexibility in installation.
The Kelva LF, thanks to the central flow, the more efficient air motor, new flap valve design and flexible diaphragm suspension heavily reduces both pulsation and noise.

VP-diaphragm pump

  • Fully air driven
  • Can handle anything from water to sludge in the low flow range
  • Excellent in situations where portable and submercible equipment is needed
  • Bayonet opening as option for faster dismantling

Kelva ‘s classic versatile VP-Pump is available in a number of sizes. Bayonet opening for faster opening and clean­ing, is available for some models. Diaphragms and O-rings are available in several different materials, depending on the liquid.

IP-diaphragm pump

  • Fully air driven
  • Available as single or double
  • Choose between 25 or 70 liters/min
  • Turnable in- and outlet ports

Kelva IP double acting, pneumatic diaphragm pumps are specially designed for pumping flexo ink, gravure ink, glue and solvents, with maximum capacity of 25 or 70 liters per minute.

Available connected as two coupled single pumps or one double pump.

LV – level control unit

To control your pumping system without electrical components we offer our level control unit LV.

LV2 gives a signal at a low level while the LV6 gives a signal at a high level to control your pump system.

LV2 och LV6 are air operated and ATEX approved.