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Industrial lifting equipment

Hofpartner AB offers smart lifting equipment for industrial use. Nowadays, ergonomic questions are prioritized. Our assortment of lifting products can solve most of these with their smart weightless handling of material and products.

The heart of our manipulators is a force-sensitive handle which lets our lifts follow the operator’s smallest movement.

In industry, space is often limited. Both LionGrip® and Airhandle will fit in with their slim design and yet big work area. Because of a flexible design, our lifting equipment can provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Although industrial lifting equipment often needs to be adapted for each individual case, most cases can be solved by Hofpartner’s standard solutions. If adaptations need to be made, our team of experienced engineers is ready.


The smart lifting equipment LionGrip® can handle the tasks where traditional lifts fail. LionGrip® makes it possible to lift an object out of its center of gravity. You can for example lift a shaft by its end.

Because of the smart force-sensitive handle, LionGrip® can follow the smallest movement up and down.
In the standard versions, LionGrip® handles weights up to 200 kg, has a working radius of up to 4 meters and more than 400° working area.

The robust design and ease of installation make the LionGrip® a very cost-effective solution for you.

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As an addition to LionGrip®, Hofpartner can even offer Airhandle.

With the same force-sensitive handle and electronic circuit board as LionGrip®, we offer a complete family of smart, easy-to-use and safe lifting devices.

Airhandle is a pneumatic lifting equipment for loads up to 150 kg. Airhandle provides a fast, easy and dependable handling where the lift follows the movement of your hand.

This lift can be placed on ceiling rails or mounted on a framework construction with folding arms.

We equip Airhandle with the gripper you need.

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Grippers for our lifting equipment

We sell a lot of different grippers. We have standard solutions and we develop specially designed solutions for your specific needs. We have a team of experienced development engineers.


In our assortment there are among others vacuum grippers, magnets and clamp grippers.

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The advantages of using industrial lifting equipment

Hofpartner AB offers several smart lifting aids which are designed for the smooth and easy handling of all kinds of industrial goods and tools. Heavy lifting often causes damage to the back, hands and feet, but with the right equipment, neither you nor your employees will need to worry about this.

Whether the work requires a small lift with extreme precision to within a few millimetres, or if it needs a high or long-distance lift, Hofpartner has a solution. Our lifting aids automatically follow the operator’s hand movements, which makes them easy to handle and use. The unique aids also allow people with back problems or other difficulties to carry out heavy lifting, and keep working without worsening their condition or causing new injuries. Hofpartner’s lifting aids make work faster, safer, more efficient and more fun in the short and long term.

We call our lifting aids “smart” because they include many useful and safety-oriented functions in their controls. The lifts are air driven, which means they have a very soft and forgiving action. Also, you avoid the handling of oil and any leaks or spills onto the floor.