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Vacuum grippers

Vacuum is often the right way to grip different materials and products. We have solutions for both smooth and porous materials, for sacks, boxes, panels etc.

More than one vacuum pump may be needed with porous surfaces. With those materials we would like to perform tests to secure the functioning.

When used in combination with our lifts Liongrip and AirHandle, smart safety functions are activated; you are not able to lift without adequate vacuum and cannot release the load in-air.

Our team of creative engineers are ready to design the vacuum gripper you need.

Vacuum lift for irregular surfaces

If your product has irregular surfaces we will furnish the gripper with flexible cups with a large stroke.

Tilting or rotating gripper

We will design your gripper in a way that the load can be tilted and/or rotated step-by-step or smoothly.

The movement can be electrically or pneumatically driven, depending on your requirements.

Our team of experienced engineers will help you in finding the best solution for your specific needs.

Vacuum gripper for heavy loads

Even big and heavy products can be handled with vacuum.

To the right you can see a 200kg-product handled with one of our custom-made grippers. This specific gripper can rotate 180°.

AHG-P-MVG Modular vacuum gripper

This very flexible vacuum gripper can be adapted easily to your product. Number of cups, type of cup and positioning can be changed with some easy motions.

In the circuit board of our smart lifting devices LionGrip® and AirHandle, a lot of built-in presets and functions provide a safe and smooth handling.

Available dimensions:
Length: 120, 300, 500, 750 and 1000mm
Width: 120, 150, 350, 450 and 550mm

Suction cup           -30 kPa   -50 KPa   -70 kPa
1 FX77                       10 kg       20 kg        30 kg
2 BGI80                       7 kg       15 kg         20 kg
3 BX110P 30/60      35 kg       50 kg        65 kg
4 BX110P 60            40 kg       60 kg        85 kg
5 B110 NPV             30 kg       50 kg        70 kg
6 B110 SIL                30 kg       50 kg        70 kg

PD Gripper

With this gripper you can lift details with irregular surface while getting enough vacuum even if not all the holes are covered. You can grip over screws, holes and other irregularities.

Under the housing a foam made of cellular rubber is attached, with small holes in it. This makes that the PD Gripper works where other grippers are inadequate.

Please contact us for more information and quotation.