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Our history

In june 2001 Ricky Holmström, Hofpartners founder, sent the very first quote to Ortivus AB in Stockholm. It was for a three-months design order. At this time, the name of the company was Holmström Engineering. Orders were plenty and Ricky contacted his childhood’s friend Jerker Fjellman. Together they started Hofpartner AB, with each 50% of the shares. The name Hofpartner AB stands for Holmström and Fjellman Partner AB.

Up to july 2006 the company was an engineering firm which sold design, subcontracting and custom machines. In july 2006 AMAL-SHAFT® was acquired, the strong trademark with a fifty-year history. Five employees at the previous manufacturer were offered a position and followed to Hofpartner.

In may 2007, Ricky aqcuired all shares in the company and focus intensified on core shafts.

In may 2008, Ricky invented the smart lifting equipment Liongrip®. The market for the lifting device has developed considerably and Liongrip has been sold as far away as to Australia.

We obtained the buildings we always had our occupation in, in 2012. The year after that, we expanded the produktion part.

2014, a close cooperation with Schlumpf Scandinavia AB and in the present we even manufacture their different types of core shafts.

2016, our biggest investment to date was made, when we bought a four-axis lathe which can handle workpieces up to 5 meters.

Since 2008 we have grown steadily and have continuously invested in developing Hofpartner AB into a company of the highest class.