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Hofpartner develops, manufactures and markets core shafts, chucks and lifting equipment. Our trademarks are AMAL-SHAFT® and LionGrip®.

Our main drive is to push our development forward. Together (with our customers) we create unique solutions. Through a helicopter view we analyze the customers’ (your) processes and needs.

Where others say, “we think out of the box”, we simply ask “what box?”

Our smart lifting aids give the customer (you) so much more than traditional simple lifts. With innovative engineering we have created lifting aids that save time, money and your employees backs. (We have your back.)

The main application for our core shafts and chucks is to hold cores when un- or rewinding different materials, e.g. paper or plastic foil. Our core shafts and chucks expand mechanically and by air.

We represent Kelva in Sweden regarding web cleaning equipment, pumps and brake and tension control.
In addition, we even can supply you with safety chucks and anti-static equipment.

We will be at ICE europe.
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Lifting equipment

Our smart lifts make your heavy lifts light. Thanks to the force sensitive handle, our lifts follow your lightest movement. With our smart lifts you don’t have to worry about balancing and you can even lift outside the center of gravity.

A lot of built-in functions and presets in our lifting aids guarantee both safety and effective handling.

If you wish, we can even help with the development and production an easy-to-use, robust and well-adjusted gripper for your application. (But you can of course just buy the lift and make the gripper yourselves.)

Our engineers will help you to find the best solutions for your specific needs.

We invent, you lift!

Core shafts

Ever since the fifties we have manufactured and developed our robust and reliable core shafts in Åmål.

Material which is winded with our core shafts and chucks is for example paper, cardboard and plastic- and metal foil. Our customers can be found mainly in the paper-, plastic-, packaging-, converting- and graphic industry.

Since 2015 we even manufacture Schlumpf’s assortment of well-reputed core shafts.
60 years of experience make us a safe choice. We know core shafts!

Core chucks

For 25 years our core chucks have equipped automatic core changing systems around the world.

Our core chucks developed from the traditional air-mechanical chuck. Instead of a steel cone our core chuck has a cone made of special plastic. The core chuck has less wear and is maintenance friendly which makes it price worthy.

If you need a special-made core chuck, pneumatic or mechanical, we have a competent team of engineers who will adapt the design to your specific needs. We can adapt for instance the core chucks length, diameter, expansion range and mounting part.

Hofpartner AB

The company is located in Åmål by Vänern’s west bank, in an area with a long tradition of pulp and paper industry. Owner and founder is Ricky Holmström, who also is the managing director.

All design is done in 3D-CAD and most of the manufacturing takes place in our workshop with both controlled and manual machinery.

If the solution you need doesn’t exist, we’ll make it.

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