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Lifting aid – Airhandle

AirHandle is a pneumatic lifting aid for loads up to 150 kg. AirHandle provides a simple and dependable handling because it follows the operator’s slightest move and offers high precision.

The AirHandle can be mounted in ceiling rails or on a framework construction with folding arms.

When the handle is not used, the load is balanced and can easily be moved up or down by holding the load itself.

Grippers are easily changed with our quick tool change unit. Multiple safety functions prevent the load to fall or the lift to be used improperly.

AirHandle has few moving parts, which gives a lifting aid with high reliability.

Air handle logotype

Your new lifting aid

In the film you can see the easy and intuitive handling of the lifting aid AirHandle.

Please note how the AirHandle responds to the slightest hand movement and how it is impossible to release the load when it is not resting on a support.

Scrolling down will show you our different configurations.


The lifting device AirHandle Jib Crane

AirHandle Jib Crane AHC

  • 3-meter arm
  • Few moving parts
  • Air-driven lifting wire – no motors or oil
  • Fast and easy maneuverable
  • Easy to change grippers and configurations


Modell AHC-80
Maximum load: 80 kg
Stroke: 2000 mm
Arm length: 3000 mm
Work area: 360°
Pressure: 6 bar
Electricity: 110-230 V AC


AirHandle Lifting Aid with Ceiling Rails AHR

AirHandle in ceiling rails has the big advantage that no column is in the way. This provides a large working area.


Model AHR-40 / AHR-60
Maximum load: 40 kg / 60 kg
Stroke: 1920 mm / 1600 mm
Pressure: 6 bar
Electricity: 110-230 V AC

AirHandle Cylinder Lift AHS

AirHandle AHS can be installed in any contraption you want.

By placing the AirHandle-control directly inside the lifting cylinder, the AHS is able to lift much higher weight s than the AHC and AHR.


Model AHS-150-8 / AHS-150-10 / AHS-150-12
Maximum load: 150 kg
Stroke: 800 / 1000 / 1200 mm
Pressure: 6 bar
Electricity: 110-230 V AC