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Tension Brakes from Montalvo

As creators of the original air cooled brake, Montalvo is continuously recognized as industry leading in tension control brake technology. Wide torque ranges, high heat dissipation, quality construction, reduced maintenance, and better performance for your process..

V Series Tension Brakes

From bolt to disc to pad, the V-Brake is designed to increase your productivity. No other brake in the industry is as easy to install, operate, and maintain as the V-Brake. Maintaining your V-Brake takes only seconds with Montalvo’s exclusive “snap-out, snap-in” brake pad changes. Performance & Productivity in perfect unison.

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CS Series Tension Brakes

Ideal for light duty applications, CS Series Brakes feature a low profile design with high capacity and low inertia. CS Brake install in just minutes to get you up and running faster with greater brake performance.

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Standard Series Tension Brakes

Dual disc performance and control with higher heat dissipation and easy maintenance. Montalvo’s Standard Series of Brakes ensures precise, accurate tension control right from the start.

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HP Series Tension Brakes

High performance tension control brakes with greater torque capacity, greater heat dissipation and enhanced performance to give you the ultimate in control.

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CD Series Tension Brakes

Ideal for light to medium duty applications, CS Series Brake features easy installation, low maintenance, and precision control to give your application greater versatility and increased productivity.

Magnetic Particle Brakes – MP Series

Smooth, repeatable, high quality performance with no dust. Ideal for clean room environments, the MP-Series Magnetic Particle Brakes provide the precise torque control you require from full roll to core, maximizing your process capabilities.

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