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Air chucks

We have a wide range of chucks with diameters up to 500 mm.

Our own chucks (ACAM) are air-mechanical. They provide the advantage of perfect centering combined with the simplicity of expansion with air.

We also sell chucks of the Schlumpf brand. In their wide range there are even purely mechanical expanding chucks.

We have an experienced team of engineers. If we do not have the solution you need, we can most probably find a special solution that provides an optimal solution to your needs.

ACAM Air mechanical chuck

Our highly valued air mechanical chuck ACAM gives you as a customer a carefree operation. The cone in our chuck is made of special plastic where traditional air mechanical chucks use steel. This means significantly less maintenance and need for spare parts.

ACAM 70-5

  • Max load: 1400kg/pair
  • Max torque: 400Nm/chuck
  • Expansion: 68-78mm

ACAM 76-5

  • Max load: 1600kg/pair
  • Max torque: 450Nm/chuck
  • Expansion: 74-84mm

ACAM 150-8

  • Max load: 3000kg/pair
  • Max torque: 900Nm/chuck
  • Expansion: 148-158mm


  • Perfect centring
  • Expanded via rotary coupling or air gun
  • Very durable polymeric core
  • High torque
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Other dimensions available on demand

Tailor-made solutions

We tailor chucks when you need something out of our standard range. To the right you see a specially designed chuck for cores with diameter 410mm. The chuck body is coated with a special surface treatment that provides low friction in combination with outstanding durability.

Contact us, even with your special projects. Together we will find a fitting solution.