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Lyft med lyftanordningen Liongrip

Lifting device – Liongrip®

With our lifting device LionGrip®, you are able to lift large loads in combination with a long reach. The load can be gripped outside the center of gravity. LionGrip® is equipped with a force-sensitive handle and lifts smoothly at the smallest hand movement.

Where traditional lifting equipment fails, LionGrip® gets the job done. You can for example easily load a machine from the side.

Our unique lifting device makes your handling weightless and spares your employees’ backs and shoulders.

A smart lifting device

The LionGrip®’s smart force-sensitive handle makes sure the lifting arms follow your slightest movement up and down.

The smart lifting device LionGrip® is easily adapted for different applications. On the circuit board, there are a lot of built-in functions and presets, that, in combination with custom-made grippers guarantee both safety and optimal handling.

Examples are a limitation of lifting power, locking of gripper jaws when a load is in the air, blowing clean the air channels for vacuum grippers, and so on.

Because of the robust and clean design, this lifting device demands a minimum of maintenance and spare parts, which makes it inexpensive to own.

The installation of a LionGrip® is easy and takes little time. To move it is not much work.

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How LIONGRIP® works

Liongrip®: Specifications

  • 1m, 1.25m, 1.5m & 2m (other on demand, LG50 1m only)
  • 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m & 4m (other on demand)
  • over 400°
  • LG50 up to 60kg, LG80 up to 200kg
  • 110V or 230V AC
  • 6bar
  • “Any customer can have a LionGrip® painted in any color that he wants as long as it is yellow”

Liongrip® is available in the following versions

On rails
On a column
Locking of joints
Quick tool change

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Watch LIONGRIP® on rails

Liongrip® on rails

When you need to move your product between several machines, we can present our exclusive rails solution. 
The LionGrip® is placed on a carriage which rolls smoothly in two steel floor rails. The gap in the floor is so little that it is not an obstacle for a pallet truck.

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Watch telescopic LIONGRIP®

Telescopic Liongrip®

When you need to reach very far our LionGrip® with a telescopic arm is a good option. We replaced the LionGrip®’s folding arm with a telescopic one in this very special lifting equipment. Now it is possible to reach for example inside a container to load sacks or boxes.

Liongrip® on a column

When our standard folding arm could be in the way, we can place the lifting device on top of a column.
The arm is always over a given height, so it never limits the workspace. The underside of the arm will never fall below 2.1 meters.

Locking of joints

The arms can be locked in any position, both sideways and in height.
This function is helpful when you want to use the LionGrip® as a fixture or simply want to park it in just any position.

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Quick tool change unit

We developed a unit for a quick and easy change of gripper.
It even can be delivered with integrated air connections.
The LionGrip® is programmed so that it can sustain four different configurations for four different grippers.
It is for example possible to vary the sensitivity of the handle when a gripper is changed.


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