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Other grippers

Over the years, we have developed a variety of grippers for different handling situations and loads. Several of these have become standard products in our range of grippers.

If we do not have what you need, our team of experienced engineers will be ready to create a solution that easily addresses your needs.

Scroll down and see our standard grippers.

LGG40-150 | Standard shaft gripper

To grab round shafts with diameter 40-150mm we offer a gripper called LGG40-150. The LGG is powered by an air motor and thanks to a screw function it is completely self-locking.
LGG is available in right and left versions and is easily convertible from one to the other.

Width: 140mm
Max load: depending on length mm

LGGT 70-76 | Narrow shaft gripper

When the space for grabbing a shaft is limited, we offer our LGGT 70-76.
The grip is self-locking and very strong. It can hold a shaft horizontally despite short grip.

The grip can also be adapted to other diameters.

Width: 50mm
Max load: depending on length mm

Symmetrical shaft gripper

If you have two Machines that are back to the back, our symmetrical shaft gripper can be a suitable solution. It allows you to solve the handling of heavy shafts in two machines with one and the same manipulator. You simply place a Liongrip midway between the machines it will serve both positions.

Each gripper is specially adapted to the shaft to be handled.

Forks for lifting pallets

Our Liongrip equipped with forks is the perfect lifting device for handling pallets. What today is an obvious injury hazard in your factory, can be a quick and risk-free handling with Liongrip.

Gripper for cutting dies

Our clever gripper for handling cutting dies has a built-in tilt that makes it easy to mount the tool in the machine. Liongrip can lift from floor to die roller and follows the operator’s every hand move.