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Hofpartner ABWe design, manufacture and market core shafts, expanding chucks and handling equipment. Our trademark is AMAL-SHAFT® and LionGrip®, which stands for optimal handling, quality, service and economy for the customer.


The main area of use for our core shafts and expanding chucks are to carry the reel when unwinding or rewinding different materials. By infusing air into the core shaft it expands and the reel is locked on to the core shaft, so that the reel can be braked or rewound.

Materials that are rolled on our core shafts are for example paper, cardboard, textile, tapes, labels, films and metal.

Our customers are mainly found within the paper, converting, graphic and textile industries.

With more than 50 years of experience of reel handling, you can trust in us—in the reel world.


Lift for off center loads - LionGrip®


Our unique lift kan be used for lifting reel shafts, reels, sleeves, pallets, cylinders, boxes etc.


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Topical at Hofpartner AB

Handling of Cutting Dies

Hofpartner has developed a new smart lift for easy handling of cutting dies in carton machines. The lift enables the operator to pick up the die on a pallet or carriage and to lift it high up to the die roller. A built in tilting function makes it easy to adjust the die to the correct angle.

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Reel turner

To Trioplast in Smålandsstenar in Sweden we have delivered our latest newcomer to our product range: a pneumatic reel turner for Liongrip.